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Urotsukidoji V: The Final Chapter

Urotsukidoji V: The Final Chapter (1 episode, OAV, 1996)

This single episode OAV pretty much marks the end of the "original" Urotsukidoji saga, however due to various problems with production, it really doesnt do it very well at all.

100 years have passed since Osaka castle was consecrated as the place for the rebirth of the Chojin into our world, however 75 years ago, Amano Jyaku was tricked into believing the Chojin had come early in response to the birth of the Kyo-O. In fact, the Chojin that sent Amano Jyaku to Tokyo was in fact a normal demon in disguise (all of this is explained in flashback) , and when the Kyo-O was brought to it, it attempted to rape her,in order to bring her under its control, but was destroyed after the Kyo-O realised it was a fake.
The real Chojin is reborn and assumes the form of an androgynous human, possessing characteristics and genitalia of both, which it changes at will, and it sets about destroying the world, starting with resurrecting its father Nagumo in his destructor Demon form (him having been killed at the end of the third part when the Kyo-O released its full power) .
Amano Jyaku, Megumi and the now released Akemi all try and stop the Chojin from destroying everything, but the Chojin proves it is every bit the super being by thwarting their every attempt.

This film is a pretty horrid mish-mash of bits of unused footage left over from Urotsukidoji III, as well as reused footage from the first two films, as well as some hastily made and really low quality bits of "filler", all jammed in together alongside some original animation created for this film before its original production was halted. As such, the film is little more than one massive plot hole which sort of brings the saga to an end, but then fucks this up by having it end on a bit of a cliffhanger, which has to date not been resolved, and more than likely never will be.
There are only really two scenes which stand out in this film, both of which were newly created.
the first one is the birth of the Chojin, in which Akemi basically masturbates herself until she gives birth, and the second scene in which the Chojin rapes Megumi, using both its male and female sex organs to complete a spell which it uses to resurrect Nagumo.

This is easilly the most forgettable part of the Urotsukidoji saga, unfortunately though as it forms the last entry in the "classic" series, it is all we will be getting.

1 very limp tentacle up, which really took a hell of a lot of effort.

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