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Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road.

Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road. (3 parts, OAV, 1993-1995)

The fourth part in the saga continues more or less from where the previous OAV ended.
At the end of the third part, Buju pledged to escort the Kyo-O, who has now fully manifested in the form of a young girl after unwittingly releasing her full powers at the end of part III. Buju is joined by a small group of other Makemono, as well as the demon-cyborg D9, who drives their transport tank.
It is thought that should the Chojin and the Kyo-O meet, they would cancel each other out and thus stop either side from destroying the world, or at the very least, stop the Chojins destruction and reshaping of it.

The first 2 parts of this OAV take place in a seemingly abandoned city block which rests at the bottom of a crater and is perpetually shrouded in fog, in which the children who live there all have ridiculously powerful psychic abilities and use them to make the adults bend to their will. This town is seemingly ruled over by a pair of boys, the youthful Ellis, and his disfigured twin brother Fallis, however not all is as it seems and Amano Jyaku suspects the Chojins interference.

The final part deals with the gangs eventual arrival in Osaka, and Amano Jyakus eventual final defeat of Munchausen and his new lackey, Suikakujus sister, who has sworn revenge on him for killing her brother in the first and second films...

Overall, the first and second parts serve little to no purpose in the overall storyline, and again exist merely as a platform to bombard the viewer with horrific scenes of a sexual nature, although most of them were trimmed, cut or obscured for western release. The storyline itself is half decent though, so its not all bad.
The final part acts merely to "wrap up" the plot line introduced in part III which, in all honesty, didnt really go anywhere fast and just kind of clogged up the nice smooth flow of the story with the addition of characters that no one gave two shits about and didnt miss one bit when they had gone. It does however nicely round off the story line though, albeit in a rather disjointed and cack handed manner.

My final verdict is "watchable but forgetable"

5 tentacles up.

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