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Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend.

Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend (4 parts, OAV, 1992-1993)

The third part in the Urotsukidoji saga (Japanese name "Chojin  Densetsu Urotsukidoji: Mirai hen")  takes the story in a rather different direction than the first two installments.

Following on from parts 1 and 2, the story begins 21 years after Nagumo became the destructor demon and the Chojin placed Osaka castle behind an impenetrable holy barrier so that it could gestate in Akemis womb for 100 years.

Things move more quickly than imagined though, and Amano Jyaku finds himself being summoned by a seemingly prematurely born Chojin, who tells him that due to the arrival of "the evil from the east", he has had to come early in order to stop the world from being destroyed, and, as such, he requires Amano Jyaku to travel to Tokyo to find and destroy this evil.
the "evil" in question is actually the legendary Kyo-O", the Chojins opposite number in natures balance, and as the prophecy quoted by Munchausen in the previous film goes "if there is a god, then there must also be a devil..".

One of the side effects of the Chojins appearance and subsequent joining of the three realms is that the mixing of spiritual energies has created a new race, the "Makemono", or "Demon-Beasts", many of whom now live in the Tokyo area, and work for the evil cyborg crime boss known as Caesar.
One of these Makemono is Buju, a large and very bestial looking man who ruthlessly kills and rapes people who live within his domain, however his world is shaken by his growing affection for Caesars daughter, Alector.

over the course of the film, Caesar and his assosiate, Faust, continue Munchausens work and use Takeakis blood (spilled at the end of the previous film) to bring about the birth of the Kyo-O, which oddly takes the form of a young girl, surprising all concerned.

The film never really properly made it out of Japan, as, like the previous entries in this series, the content was considered to be far too horrific to be given an uncut western release.In the original release of this film on video/dvd in the late 1990s, one part which caused the most controversy, and which was subsequently removed in its entirety, was a scene christened "the rape of Alektor", in which Alektor, after finding out some truths about herself and her father, is subsequently violently raped by him while Buju looks on powerless to stop it. Some parts of this scene were restored in later DVD releases, however the entire scene has never been shown in western media, quite simply due to the combination of incestuous content and due to the horrifyingly graphic and disturbing nature of the scene itself.

This reason on its own, for me anyway, marks the turning point in the Urotsukidoji saga in which the series became more concerned with packing in as much violent sex as possible, and focusing on that rather than the main storyline itself, which overall in this entry is rather poor and seems simply to be tacked on as filler in between scenes of rapes, orgies and violent deaths.
This entry in the series also marked the introduction of new characters, while older characters were relegated to being merely second bananas, and the storyline suffers because of it, although i can see that basically Nagumo and Akemi needed to be written out for a while due to their plot not needing to be advanced until later, but the most ridiculous omission was Amano Jyaku himself, who plays little to no role in the films overall plot, instead, most of the stuff he should be doing gets lumped on Bujus shoulders.

So overall, a disappointing entry in the series, I can see what they were trying to do, but instead of sticking to it, they decided instead to make an animated hardcore shocker porn film.

4 tentacles up.

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