Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Whats the point in multiple job interviews?

So anyways, after last nights semi coherent ramble, I finally managed to doze off at about 7am, which was fucking crap being as I had to be up for 9am in order to get my shit together, the end result being I ended up feeling worse than i did at 4am...great start to the fucking day.

*ahem* anyways, after making it to town, with the bus driven by the most timid driver I have ever seen, resulting in a 30 minute trip taking nearly an hour, not helped by the fact he was already 10 minutes fucking late (if they need someone to fill in his P45, I hereby volunteer) to start with, I ended up missing my intended train, but thankfully I had the foresight to make sure I had allowed for fuck ups along the way (its a bugger when you have to actively plan for upwards of an hours worth of fuck ups), so managed to hit Sheffield with an hour to kill before I had to be anywhere.

Now, my strict spending budget of precisely £0.00 didn't allow for much fun times to be had while there (having already spent £6.40 on a "Day Tripper" ticket, which is a bargain when you think about it as it allows unlimited travel on any form of public transport for one day so long as I stay within the boundaries of South Yorkshire), so I set about actually trying to find the place.

As I said last night, finding the place was about as easy as plaiting sloppy shit, Google maps was no use, neither was street view, being as that the address given shows a half demolished industrial estate of some sort, but I thought I would be ok so long as I managed to get to the street.
Yeah, cos once i got there i was confronted by a nice shiny new build combined office and housing complex, which although looked nice and modern with its multitude of plate glass windows, cantilevers and white stone terraces resplendent with gleaming stainless steel railings and spotlights and shit, it lacked the one thing that adds substance to the style.....clear signage.

Yep, in a property development that must have cost millions of pounds, some dumbass didn't think that maybe there might be a need for signs telling people where stuff was, it took me nearly 15 fucking minutes to find a door that was open (I musta looked like a burglar casing the joint :s ), which according to the guy sat at the reception desk, was the entrance to the residential sector (yes, they had a receptionist on the doors of a posh block of flats), thankfully though the guy had the smarts to point me in the right direction, which turned out to be another non descript plate glass door which led to a featureless corridor and another fairly minimalistic reception area, complete with a branch of Costa coffee (yeah, I wasn't expecting that one).
The young lady on the reception gave me some forms to fill in for the agency I was going to see (standard forms, complete with the usual insultingly easy intelligence tests).

Eventually someone came to fetch me up to their office, located on the 3rd floor of the building, but it seems the developers don't like disabled folk because to get there involved trekking up no less than 5 different flights of stairs with no lifts in sight, all of them spotlessly clean and resplendent with gleaming white bare plaster walls.
The "office" itself was one of your standard glass walled type affairs with what appeared to be a converted storage cupboard filling in as the "private" office where confidential discussions take place.

The "interview" itself was a fairly standard affair of going through previous work experience etc (yawn), but the lady going through it with me seemed fairly genuine, although this is probably down to the fact that as I have experience of working in the recruitment industry, I wasn't going to fall for any of the usual agency half- promises, optimistic spin doctoring and so on, which is refreshing to be honest as one of the main reasons i avoid agencies is the fact that they don't half like to patronise the fuck out of you by assuming you're some sort of brain dead moron (or at least the ones I've dealt with in the past have done) simply because you don't have a job.

So, the end result was that I now have a second interview tomorrow, I have a good feeling about it but I cant help but feel the old nerves again, just hope I'm gonna be able to get some shut eye tonight because I have no idea about the area where I'm going tomorrow and I'll need my wits about me if I'm gonna do well...

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