Monday, 8 October 2012

First!, Brought to you by Insomnia and stressing *sigh*

Hello slimy furtlers!

Well, its currently 3am and having attempted to forcibly gain entry into the land of nod it seems that once again I have been rebuffed, so, having a bit of unwelcome time on my hands I thought I'd get my arse in gear and set up this "Blog" thing.

Regular viewers will know that I usually post my thoughts on stuff either via Youtube or Facebook (neither of which are being linked to on here...ha ha!), but sometimes I find both of them rather constricting in a way that I don't seem to get hampered with when writing things down. (<-this statement makes perfect sense to me, it may not make any sense to you, but that's not really that important right now)

So anyways, I finds myself sat here in the early hours of the morning, typing away whilst sipping on a cup of lukewarm tea and debating whether to have a fag, not because of any health condition or noise pollution or anything mundane like that, no, I'm here right here, right now because the only thing i can think about is the "Job interview" I have which is due to take place in a little under 12 hours.
I say "job interview" and not just simply job interview because once again, said interview is taking place through one of the many, many, many employment agencies that there are dotted about across the length and breadth of merry olde England, and, having had many, many, many rather dubious experiences with these agencies, both as a prospective employee and as an employer of them, you'll forgive me if I approach this "interview" with a degree of apprehension.

The agency in particular is called "Concept Recruitment", I've never heard of them before, which is unsurprising really as after a slew of bad experiences with agencies in the past (more on that at some point in the future, oh yes) I generally prefer to avoid them like the plague, and tend to skip over them when doing my daily jobsearch.

What surprised me though about this particular one, was that even though I had never heard of them - up until about 2.10pm yesterday when I came across their advertisement on for a "Technical Customer Services Advisor", which I subsequently applied for, along with their advert for a customer service advisor of the non-technical kind, which I also applied for - they were pretty quick to give me a call, with my phone ringing literally 2 minutes after I had clicked on "apply now".
Now, my cynical side tells me that the reason I got a call so quick was because the lady who called me was sat around with nothing to do (always a red alert warning, esp where employment agencies are concerned), but after a longish conversation with her about the job, I got a feeling that you know, maybe, just maybe, this one might come good.

Now, those who know me will know that I detest large call centres, but this job, she assures me (I'm not gonna name and shame at this point, because there's no need to, but watch this space, lol) that this particular company is only a small firm who only have about 25 people on site, this sounds good to me because one of the main reasons i dislike call centres so much is down to the "faceless" nature they foster, where instead of being a person, you are merely "Employee 29847304" , and where if you don't fit in with their Americanised, and sometimes rather bizarre, dogma on what constitutes "Teamwork", simply sitting down and getting on with the job you are being paid to do becomes a task of Herculean difficulty (speaking from extreme experience here). 

So, lets give "Concept Recruitment" the benefit of the doubt shall we and see what they have to offer, although that said, the first hurdle I've noticed is that the address they've given me doesn't seem to exist, either that or google maps are a bit behind the times as the place where they've said I need to go appears on street view as what looks like a half demolished industrial estate...spose I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it...wish me luck! 

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