Monday, 1 September 2014

Gorefest - ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (2008)

Right then, no anime related offerings today, just some good old fashioned blood and guts.

So, I cant remember how I came across this film, well, I say film, its more of an hour long straight to video special more than anything...the key word there being "speeeecciaaall".

Apparently this is the second film in a loose trilogy called the "Vomit gore trilogy", after viewing this, I cant say that I will be eager to view the other two entries in the series.

So, the plot is simple....there isn't one, well, nothing resembling a coherent plot anyway, because quite simply, all this film boils down to is a series of rather badly edited scenes strung together in some sort of bizarre dream like sequence in which various horrible things happen, usually including someone being vomited on and/or someone being killed in a fairly horrible manner...yes that's right folks, this film is a pseudo-snuff film.

It becomes extremely obvious within minutes of attempting to watch this piece of straight to video shit that the director, the imaginatively named "Lucifer Valentine", has very poor film making skills, and has managed to convince himself that his attempts are "arty" in some way. Its also fairly obvious throughout that Mr. Valentine has some very bizarre fantasies, mostly involving vomit, violence and sadism against women, lesbianism and some level of fascination with "Water sports" .

The overall "theme" of this film seems to be stories about female runaways/abductees who are subjected to torture and humiliation before being killed in some fashion, more often than not willingly.
 Scenes shown include:-

  • A woman being disemboweled by identical twins, before then being choked/strangled with her own entrails before being vomited on by several people.
  • A pregnant woman drinking her own urine, before then vomited and urinated on by a woman identified as being her "stepmother".
  • A pair of co joined twins being "separated" by having the co joined bit in their head cut through with a hacksaw, then shown slowly dying as blood and brain matter leak from the hole in their heads.
  • A woman being beheaded with a hacksaw before having the eyes and brains scooped out of her skull, which is then vomited in by a man wearing an octopus on his head who then drinks his own vomit.
  • A woman performing oral sex on a man who ejaculates blood on to her once she has bitten his (obviously fake) penis.
  • Numerous scenes of women being strapped into a gynaecologists chair and then being beaten, stabbed, whipped, vomited on etc.
  • Numerous scenes of lesbian threesomes involving identical twins and a pregnant woman.

Scenes are randomly inter dispersed with discordant music, pictures of small children, and even a scene where one of the women who is later killed reciting a poem about kurt cobain.
Most scenes are shot at strange angles, and some include odd black and white or colour reversal effects, some scenes are also very obviously filmed using a camera which has been badly attached to a remote control car.

So yeah, This film, and by extension I would presume the entire series of films, goes to show that just because you own a video camera and have an idea, does not mean that you should make a film of that idea and then attempt to sell it to people. If i were to classify this film, I would not place it in either the "horror" or "slasher" genres, instead, I'd have to put it in the "shocker-porn"

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