Monday, 14 October 2013

Apocalypse How? - Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010)

So, yeah, I said i was gonna write about something less depressing, so the first thing I chose apocalypse film......


So, the silly sounding title aside, "Stonehenge Apocalypse" is a made for TV Sci-fi disaster movie which fist aired on the Syfy channel in 2010.
Starring no one of any note or importance, this low/mid budget piece of sci-fi B-list material manages to make use of both pseudo-science, pseudo-archeology AND an "end of days" storyline to produce something which although full of poor acting, cheap CGI effects, plot holes and some inexcusable technical gaffes, is actually highly entertaining.

yes, it is...really.

The plot goes like this:-

An archeological dig in Maine unearths an egyptian tomb, which then causes the stones at Stonehenge to begin moving about and releasing wave after wave of deadly electromagnetic radiation.
A disgraced astrophysics professor, who now presents an internet radio show from his basement hears of this event and travels to Stonehenge to unravel the mystery of the moving stones and in the end manages to validate several of his crackpot theories regarding ancient astronauts, out of place artifacts and several apocalyptic prophecies as foretold by "the ancient writings" (whatever they are, because they are never explicitly referenced).
Cue a rip roaring adventure which sees a group of hippies try to become the only survivors of the end of the world and some military gung ho explosions and machine gun shooting, with a bit of a plot twist which I never saw coming about two thirds of the way through.

Yeah, I liked this film, even though the story is ridiculous and the acting is terrible, but, if you ignore all this and just sit and watch it, this film is entertaining, which is what a film is supposed to be.

I give it 7 crystal skulls out of 10

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