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Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb

Urotsukidoji II (Jap: "Shin Chōjin Densetsu Urotsukidōji: Mataiden") Was the 1990/1991 follow up to the original 1987/1989 OVA, consisting of 2 parts, both if which were later edited together into a feature length film which was released on home video in the early 1990s.

Unlike the first OVA however, Urotsukidoji II was not based on the original manga, instead taking some of the established characters and building up a completely stand alone story which introduced some new characters.

This particular OVA is generally not considered to be "canon" amongst Urotsukidoji fans, because its place within the overall storyline is unclear. On the surface, it appears to take place both during and between parts #2 & #3 of the original, as the apocalyptic events that occured at the end of that chapter havent yet happened, but Nagumo and Akemi are obviously in a relationship, however the sequence of events shown do not properly appear to fit in with the complete story, and a few plot holes appear, but this argument is really rendered moot as in later parts, events of this chapter are mentioned as being historical events.

Either way though, for a sequel, it isnt half bad.

As with the previous entry in the series, the main focus of this entry is Nagumos growing powers and Amano jyaku trying to protect him so he can fulfill his destiny to become the Chojin and unite the three realms in to a utopia, and, as with the previous entry, the storytelling is a mixture of horror, fantasy and adult drama.
Again, Urotsukidoji II was not well liked by the BBFC, and numerous cuts had to be made, once again calling for new scenes to be created that were less explicit, although this time round some scenes of penetration, rape and murder were blurred out, but generally left in where their removal would cause problems, this way, the OAV didnt suffer as badly as its predecessor had.

The main story begins with a flashback..

In 1945, the insane scientist, Doktor Munchausen (named "Muni Hauser/Hausen" in some dubs)  begins a dark and perverse ritual in the presence of the fuhrer himself.
A dozen women are strapped to a large contraption, which begins to masturbate them viogourously. As the machine does its work, Maunchausen explains that the device and the ritual will bring about the coming of the "Kyo-O", the natural enemy of the Chojin (The Kyo-O is also referred to as the devil or "the evil king" depending on which version you are watching). Once the women reash orgasm, the machine drains their life force and channels it through a demonic artifact, which begins tearing a hole in reality and allowing a portal to the demon realm to form.
Before the ritual can be completed however, a squadron of American bombers destroy the castle, killing Munchausen in the process (uncle Adolf escapes) , however as the smoke clears, Munchhausens assistant, his teenaged son, still lives, and seeing that his father is dead, he claims the demon artefact for himself, and vows that he will continue his fathers work and one day summon the Kyo-O so it can prevent the union of the three realms.

45 years later, Nagumo, Akemi, Megumi and Kuroko wait at Tokyo airport for the arrival of Nagumos cousin Takeaki, who he hasnt seen for 10 years since Takeakis family moved to Europe.
As the plane comes in to land, a shadowy figure lands on the wing and rips off one of the engines causing the plane to crash, but miraculously, Takeaki survives, and Nagumo, wanting to help his cousin, offers to donate his blood, which after what happened in the previous film when someone got a hold of Nagumos blood, Megumi and Kuroko have reservations about.
Meanwhile in the beast realm, Amano Jyaku, desperate to see the future world which will be created by the Chojin, has sex with the elders grandaughter, whose orgasms can rip a hole in time, despite the fact that he had been warned by the elder to keep away from her.
Eventually, Takeaki becomes corrupted by Munchausen II (Doktor Munchausens son) and a series of events take place in which Munchausen II plans to kill the Chojin, resurrect the Kyo-O and become a despotic tyrant, all in one afternoon, however, at the end, all is not as it seems....

Like i said, this entry in the series isnt bad, however the differences in the plot direction (this OAV is much heavier on the humour and less heavy with gross sex acts, even though there are still some toe curling corkers in there) do make it stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the series.

all in all though, id give it 7 tentacles up!

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