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Urotsukidoji - Legend Of The Overfiend

Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend (aka "Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidoji" - lit "The wandering kid- Super god-demon legend") is a 3 part anime OVA based on the original 1986 manga by Toshio Maeda.

The story itself is, at heart, a love story, centered around the burgeoning passions of high school geek Tatsuo Nagumo and the object of his lustful passions, Ito Akemi.

....Of course, this being based on a japanese adult manga, its not as simple as that, for this OVA folks, is single handedly responsible for introducing the "Demon/Tentacle rape" genre of hentai not only to the west, but to the entire world....

This first OVA, made up of 3 chapters first released in Japan between 1987 and 1989, is only the first part in an epic five part story detailing how the simple act of a young couple falling in love and conceiving a child has near apocalyptic consequences not only for the human race, but also for the races of other realms which inhabit the same plane as the human world.

When Urotsukidoji first made its way westward and was earmarked for release on home video by Manga entertainment back in the early 90s, they found themselves with an unusual problem.
previous to this, the BBFC (British Board of Film Censorship) had allowed many adult oriented japanese anime titles to be released with only minimal cuts for violent or sexual content, meaning that with some creative editing, most things could sail through and receive either a 15 or 18 certificate without losing too much of the footage or plot, Urotsukidoji however, with its many, many disturbing and sexually explicit scenes crammed into almost 3 hours of film, did not fare so well.
After several rounds of censorship cuts, the leftover "usable" stuff amounted to little more than an hours worth of footage, and even then the plot holes created by losing nearly two thirds of the story to the cutting room floor meant that the finished product wouldnt make any sense to those viewing it who hadnt already had a chance to read the original manga.
To get around this, the original animation studio, West Cape productions, were commissioned to create new, less explicit footage to fill in the gaps as it were, and to boost the film, as it was to now be released as, to a more viewable 90 minutes. As well as creating new footage, West Cape also used the opportunity to touch up some of the original footage, thus more or less creating an entirely new anime film with a similar, albeit less explicit, storyline to the original.

The plotline unfolds like this:-

Several thousand years ago, the Overfiend (aka, the "Chojin" - lit "superbeing") created the Earth and populated it with Humans (the Ningen), Demons (the Majin) and the man-beasts (the Juujin - the man-beasts did not feature in the original manga, there were only humans, demons and hybrids). After some time passed, the Chojin realised that the three races could not co-exist peacfully, nor could they fully evolve into higher beings while they were too busy fighting amongst themselves over matters as trivial as sexual conquests, some of which had produced many bizarre, horrible and/or powerful hybrid offspring, so, to allow the three races to develop along their own paths, the Chojin decided that it would create realms existing simultainiously but kept completely seperate from the rest for each race, so thus was created the realm of man (the Ningenkai) the realm of demons (the makai) and the relam of man-beasts (the juujinkai).
The Chojin then decided that the three races would be allowed to develop without its guidance or interference, and thus the legend of the Overfiend was born.

The legend stated, or so it was believed at the beginning of the first episode of the OVA, that in 3000 years time, the Chojin would return and reunite the three realms into a single realm of peace and plenty for all, and, as the OVA begins, the man-beast Amano Jyaku (the "wandering kid" as alluded to in the translated title) nears the end of his 300 year search for the reborn Chojin, whom he swears to defend so that it can return and bring about the utopia it promised.

The unedited original japanese version of the Urotsukidoji OVA has NEVER been released anywhere in europe, however the closest it came to being released was the Anime 18 "perfect edition" DVD release, which still had ot make some edits in order to be granted a certificate for release, however this version comes in with a run time of 2 hours and 35 minutes, retaining some footage that was originally considered to be "too shocking" for an animated film, but still having to make some use of the newly created footage, along with some on screen blurring/distortion to remove some of the more "risque" elements from scenes which are otherwise perfectly useable (e.g - huge throbbing demon penis-tentacles, close up scenes of multiple penetrations and anal rape, ejaculation, forced sex acts etc.).

All in all, as a standalone movie/OVA, "Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend" is a fairly good, if somewhat disturbing story, and makes for a good first chapter in the whole saga, which manages to blend horror, fantasy and adult oriented sex drama into an enjoyable enough animated romp, so to speak.

I give it 7 tentacles up!

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